Shaded view Resolution

I was wondering if there is a way to set the ‘resolution’ of shaded view to it’s highest possible that my system can produce.
In the Rhino Option > View > Shaded section I don’t see anything that seems to indicate how to produce a higher display resolution.
In the image here I made a loft between two iso curves. As you can see the ‘surface’ created looks like the surface created is one of a polygon surface of low resolution(actual geometry) - There is a gap between the surface created and the curves used to create the surface. Now I’m pretty sure this is not the case in this example(an actual gap of geometry) but rather just a display of low resolution output. I’m sure if I was to primarily work in Rhino, as in finish my ‘models’/geometry step by step soley in Rhino plus experience with Rhino, I would tend to know easily if I’ve used tools and combination of tools as intended for desired results. However, Rhino at the moment is part of my workflow with other software and I’m needing a better(higher) resolution to increase the positive feedback of what is displayed to reflect what I intended to do.

That’s the mesh settings, under File->Properties->Mesh

Thanks Jim.
I had to go into custom to get a desired result.

Changing maximum angle from the default 0.0 to 1.0 gives a very pleasing result under
NURBS meshing parameters heading.
There’s other settings under that heading that might have done the trick,
but since I got what I want I’ll leave it at that and maybe play around with the settings another time
to get a better understanding of what/how they really are doing.

And there is no noticeable difference in performance either.

Thanks again.

Hi @BabaJ
For when you want to dig a little deeper into the meshing parameters: