How to increase curves display quality?

Hi experts!

I´m quite new in Rhino… How I get rid of the very coarse polygonal appearance of the cylinder silhouettes?

I´m sure it is something very simple, but I can´t find the way… would you help me, please?

that is a display mesh issue you have to increase the mesh density.

I already tried that… but my settings at File>Properties>Mesh are already “Smooth and slower”. Is this what you meant?

yes, but in this case you may have to check custom and fiddle with the settings. if you post that portion of the file i could have a look and give you some numbers to play with, if you cant figure it out.

edit: oh one thing popped up in my brain, if the geometry is far from the cplane origin you might also experience decreased render mesh quality.

CPlane is aligned to the object. I opened Custom parameters and played a bit with not much sucess… (e.g. I checked Jagged seams and Simple planes checkboxes)

i can see now that you have a joined part, i believe rendermesh suffers from a good auto setting here, try increasing density to 1. if that did not do it set the minimum initial grid quads to 10.

it is a lot of guessing if you dont post your geometry.

You were right, the key parameter was “Maximum angle”. Everything looks now smooth when it is set to 10. Thanks a lot !!!

PS: I already played with density from 0 to 1 without success.

sure, but there are many ways to increase the density :slight_smile:

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