Shaded View (Mac M1 Max, Rhino 7) fancy display bugs

Hi i am testing my new Mac work environment.
New mac, newest OSX (12.1) and newest Rhino 7 Version 7.13.213…
When i open some files that are NOT Damaged (i tested it with WIP 8 and Rhino 7 on Intel Macs) i get some fancy looking surfaces appearing by moving the perspektive view. By rotating the view, these surfaces disappear and some others appear. ist really like disco lights.
There is no reason for these surfaces, as my geometry is clean!!

maybe this is helpful for you.

We’ve seen this recently. Is it possible to send us the file? Rhino - Upload to Support

Thanks for reporting.

i just sent you the/a file that causes this problem.

Having Similar issues on Mac M1 Max in Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 WIP (when TestMetal is not activated).

Shows in Wireframe, Shaded, Ghosted, and X-Ray views.
Does not show up in Rendered or Arctic views.

Same problem here
Helps when I delete any meshes in the model.
Rhino 7 is sluggish in rendered for me with a larger model (m1max 32gb) rhino 8 a little better. Testmetal super fast although global illumination not quite there so in rendered looks like rhino 5 as standard. Hoping more updates solves in time. Also experiencing some clipping plane problems in WIP R8