Display glitches on M1 (Technical, Pen, Artistic)

Display modes are unusable on M1 Macbook Pro. No issues on Intel. See video. File link will be sent to PM on request.

Same problem here when adding mesh parts

The “fix” will be V8.
Apple has not done an adequate job with Rosetta or OpenGL drivers to do a good job for Intel compiled software like Rhino V7.

Please try the V8 Work-In-Progress “WIP” and see if Mac Rhino works better for you.


Thanks for your reply. V8 WIP in legacy mode does not show mesh edges well as v7. And test metal option has not advanced display modes (Pen, Technical, Artistic) implemented.

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Can you send me a 3dm that repeats this display bug? If I can repeat it on my M1, there is a chance I can figure out a workaround.

Message sent

I have to say that Apple’s Intel to M1 is one of the worst OS migrations I have seen. I guess when you’re Apple, you can do that. Applications that compiled on V1 of VMS will still run on the latest version.

I have been amazed at how well Rhino has done in spite of this morass.