Shaded view

Will iRhino 3D be able to show your models in shaded view in the future instead of only the rendered view? That option would be really useful to view complex models with different components.


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Got this on the TODO list. Thanks!

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I just purchased the app, thanks.

Just wondering about saving model, a rendered view or shaded?

Confused by the iRhino 3D page comment “Shade your model in Rhino before saving. Note: In Rhino, in the Render menu, select Shade. Make sure the command line DisplayMode=Shaded.”

We should save a Render view, Mac & windows? any viewport or perspective?

If you have viewed the model in Shaded view, it should have Render Meshes.

Yeah, it’s a little confusing, I agree. Also, the error messages need tweaking, but that’s also on the TODO list.

iRhino 3D uses Render Meshes. If an object does not have a Render Mesh, iRhino 3D can’t (yet) generate one. So, if you have run Shaded, you’ll definitely have Render Meshes. If you have viewed the model in a Shaded view (or a Rendered view for that matter), it should have Render Meshes (unless you Save Small - which deletes Render Meshes).

Mac & windows? any viewport or perspective?

Rhino 5 for Mac or Windows. Perspective is the best bet…unpredictable behavior could happen if you only have orthogonal viewports (I think I coded around that, but I’d need to double-check). iRhino 3D only does Perspective views and will cook up one if your file does not have one.

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Help guys - I think I?m in the same groundhog day loop…

Note: In Rhino, in the Render menu, select Shade. Make sure the command line DisplayMode=Shaded.

I’m using the Rhino Mac version. I do as you suggest, it asks me for a “Chose Settings” - here I’m lost… what settings?

Consequently when I enter nothing and I click done nothing has changed…

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use the Shade command in Rhino for Mac to assure that render meshes are in the model before you open it in iRhino 3D. Alternatively, you can switch any viewport to Shaded (or Rendered) mode and this will generate the render meshes as well. Keep in mind, you cannot sure the Save Small functionality in Rhino as it deletes the render meshes when it saves the file to make the file smaller.

I hope that helps,