Several step files that show nothing when opened or imported

I was looking to remix a few items from Thinigiverse. The original creator included step files, but they show nothing when I try to open them. Thoughts?

Male-male.step (473.4 KB)

C-Clamp 80.step (65.1 KB)

I opened them in notepad. They’re not STEP files. Looks like maybe they are github html files for a page that has a link to step files.

Thanks, I went to github and found the folder, but still all the files listed as .tep do not open in Rhino if downloaded.

Hi. I went to the page, clicked on the first file, copy-pasted it to notepad, deleted some stuff at the top and bottom so it starts with

/* Generated by software containing ST-Developer

and ends with


It opened for me. My guess is the extra lines that github adds might be messing things up.

Thanks. Followed your instructions and it worked.

Great. Glad it worked for you.