Settings display modes

I can*t find one setting for the display modes: I would like to change the color of lines, which are in progress: if I start drawing a rectangle for instance, while drawing it is in the color of my layer and may be difficult to see if that layer is quite light, I would like to change it to black or so. But what is the name of the setting I need to change?

Thanks in advance for helpful hints! Jan

in Pref. Display Modes, you can assign a specific single color to curves.

you can also assign any [already drawn] object it’s own color in Object Property


Hi Arash,

thanks a lot, but that I have already done – but as long as I am still in the process of drawing a curve, it keeps the color of the layer, when I then finish it and release the mouse button, it turns black all right, but I would like have it in black as long as I am still drawing … there must be a setting „curve color in process“ or something, but I don’t know the right term …

Best - Jan

True it does change color only after drawing… if there’s a way to change that. it is very much hidden. Feels like a bug, I guess [at least until someone comes with a solution] the way around would be to use a black layer for the curves only.


Hello - as far as I know there is no way to change this - making in-progress display match the current mode seems like it could be tricky since the object does not yet exist, but I will ask if that is possible.


Great, thank you, would be great. If it is not possible, that might be a good thing to bring in.

Reason is: for differentiation I like to give my layers different colours, which should be light, but else work like the black layers, where the surface is light grey, but all lines are black. I can get this by setting my display mode accordingly - except this one thing that you hardly see lines you are in the process of drawing.