Change color of objects that are active / currently drawing!

Hey Rhino geniuses!

In order to lessen the strain on my eyes, I have altered the look of my Rhino interface to have more contrast (colored curves, surfaces, text, etc. on a black background). It’s working perfectly so far (my eyes sure are happier), except that the lines that I am currently drawing remain black and only go to my selected curve color once I hit ‘Enter’. This is particularly problematic when drawing arcs and using other dynamic commands. Wanted to see if there was a way to change this!

I appreciate all the help,


That’s strange, Mine doesn’t do that. If I have a layer currently selected that has a color. Once I draw a line, arc, or other curve it’s always just the color of the layer.

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Wow! That worked. I am not sure why I did not recognize that before.
Thank you, ra_mull.


Yeah, if you have a black background and your default layer is black, it’s kinda hard to see what you’re drawing… :smile:

You could modify your drawing templates with different colors to help with that; as well as set the default new layer color to something different via Options>Appearance>Colors.

Since I do a lot of live and recorded demos, I have found a white background works great for maximum contrast. I then keep all of the layers black and make the selected item color = red or orange.