Layer line color will not change

Hey there!

I have drawn shapes that have lines on two different layers. One is for etching and the other is for cutting. When I attempt to change the color from red to white for example in the layers panel nothing happens. New lines drawn on a layer will show the correct color that correlates to the color swatch in the layers panel. I also cannot duplicate the lines. Any suggestions for why the older lines are not reacting to the changes?

It’s hard to guess without a sample file, but my guess is these lines that do not display the host Layer’s color, have colors assigned to them that override the Layer setting.
Select one of the curves and look in the Properties Inspector Panel on the right.
Is it’s color set to “By layer”?
If not, change it to By layer.

Any luck?


Thanks for getting back to me and for your input. I wasn’t able to find the “by layer” setting in the properties panel, but when I came to my computer today the lines have been reacting to the color changes. Perhaps something was lagging with my computer.