Python and VisualARQ

Do someone know if it’s possible to use VisualARQ with Python scripts? I would like to compute something depending on the room properties. Thanks for the help.

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Hi MilanVlcek,
What do you exactly need to do? You can use the VisualARQ GH Components and use the Space components, from which you can obtain some information of the Space object.

Hi and thank you for your answer. I like to write python scripts and for me is better way, but if you’re not planning python scripting, I will use Grasshopper then. Scripts are better for quick executing.

Hi there!
Do you know if it’s already possible to use VisualArq with python scripts? I need to write a custom tool in Python, and I’d use VisualArc to export an ifc model with properties. Due to the task character, I cannot work with Grasshopper.


@edytaau what do you exactly need to do? It is not possible to access to VisualARQ SDK right now. We might provide access in future versions.
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Hi fsalla,
Please apologize my late reply, I haven’t seen your answer before. I just started a new topic, here is my problem described:

I will very much appreciate your help. Thank you!


For iron python and ifc you can try the geometry gym developments,



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This is a wonderful link John, thank you for sharing! If it works with python in Rhino6 it seems to be exactly something I was looking for.