Three point move?

Is there a quick way to move an object to an exact distance from another object. Say I have 2 squares I want 10mm apart but I don’t know the distance between them. You can resize something using scale 1d where you pick 2 points then enter a length, is there something as easy for move.


Hi Mark,
Yes, there is a way to do exactly what you want.
First use _move command and pick the reference point. Then type _from (but do not exit the _move command) and pick the point you want 10mm to move from it. Finally type the distance you want to move away ( 10mm in your example) and click the direction to finish the command.

Hope that makes sense to you.


You can do this in the Move command by using smart track.

  1. Start the move command and select a point on the object you want to move from
  2. Make sure Smart Track is on
  3. Create a SmartTrack point on the object you want to move towards
  4. Move the cursor away until it creates a smart track line
  5. Type 10 and give Enter. The point to move to is placed 10 mm on the smart track line from the smart track point.

I’m not sure if you can do this in non-orthogonal directions though.

You could use the “From” one shot object snap… Move, select point on the object to move, call “From” or use the osnap toolbar icon, click on the target point on the target object, type in the distance (I used Ortho to make it horizontal) and left click to finish the move.

With the “From” osnap, you can also use a relative xy(z) displacement, by typing “rx,y(,z)” instead of a single number for distance.


LOL three answers within 3 minutes :smiley:

Yep… PFI… and on a Sunday…

Thanks _From works well. With smart track it gets a bit frustrating, it easy to move something towards another object but moving away seems to create more smart points and it ends up moving from a mid point between the point you pick and the first smart point.