Setting the default file template

How do I reset the default template in Rhino 5

While Rhino is running, start the New command so the template list comes up.
Select the one you want, and then check the option box on the file dialog:

Thanks John. I tend to use the large objects millimeters file and clearly at some point I have overridden that file with a model file which I dont want to use so I need to reset that particular file to a blank large object -millimeters file. If that makes sense

If you run the “ToolbarReset” command, all of the template files will be replaced with defaults. This requires a Rhino restart.

It will also wipe out any menu/toolbar customizations you have made in the default.rui file, unless you saved your customizations to a uniquely named UI file.

OK thanks. Will give that a go

Nope. That doesnt do it. But at least I dont have my toolbars anymore…

Hi Allen - (only one Rhino open)… ToolbarReset, close and reopen Rhino, leaves you with no toolbars?


No I have the drop down menus along the top but I want the docked toolbars for all the general drawing and modelling stuff. Cant seem to find them…

Hello - open Options > Toolbar page - is there a toolbar listed there as open (Should be Default.rui). If so make sure the Standard group is checked:


Hi Pascal. Thanks. I did it a different way. I knew everything would get screwed up on the reset so I saved a blank formated file which had all my old settings. I then overwrote the template file that I had obviously overwritten months ago with the new empty one and I have my Rhino looking how it always has done and Its an empty file. Thanks to you and John