Template file .... toolbars missing and layers switching to default

had a hard drive fail now had new one in there. Had to re install rhino and everything else. Had real trouble with tool bars vanishing after set template up… realized need to update the service release so all that now done. Still got the main 1 vanishing every now and again and when I put the layers tool bar with the few layers and colours that I like and save as template file then re open new blank rhino the layers go back to single default black colour rather than the few layers on the template file?

can anyone help? thanks

I guess there are several issues here

  • templates: if you save a new template, that will not automatically be assigned to be used when you start a new file. You need to check the box for “Use this file when Rhino starts”.
  • toolbars: is the entire Main 1 toolbar missing every now and then?

ah found that its in the start up box right… okay will try that then thanks. seems to be working and the main 1 tool pallette also came up.

I have it the past had the template file go wrong… for instance if I close my machine with a rhino file open, it then opens all haywire? Is there a way to safe guard against this happening as it takes a long time to set stuff back to where I am used to finding them?



Are you shutting down your machine with Rhino open? Which OS are you using?

Also, you are confusing templates and the screen layout of Rhino. A template is a 3dm file that contains document settings (units, tolerances, layouts, linetypes, …). The screen layout with toolbars and such is written to the registry.

think windows 7… okay maybe confusing but all I know is then that units and all that are then good… then the screen layout then goes all over the place is it possible to lock that aspect or copy it so if such things occur like unexpected shut downs (powercuts which we have sometimes) or such like the layout can then be rescued? I am a rhino user for many years and I am a good modeller but I dont delve deep into the workings and in and outs.