All toolbars gone after opening pdf file

So I’m looking here at 4 blank viewports.

No toolbars, no tabs, no nothing, only the command line.

How do I restore?

Have you looked in Rhino Options > Toolbars?

yes, this doesn’t loading/opening the default .rui file doesn’t do anything, or it says it’s already open.

also important: why did my toolbars dissappear? very annoying

Hello - running ToolbarReset and re-starting Rhino is the ‘way out’ if toolbars are messed but my guess is the toolbar file is open and Options > Toolbar shows none of the toolbars checked as open?

As you say, how did it get to this state… I can’t tell if Rhino was open and you used File> open t get to the pdf, and the toolbars that were there disappeared, or did you open Rhino from Explorer via a pdf file and ‘open with’, or?


Hi Pascal,

I’ve got it up and running again by running the Restore Defaults in toolbar setting. Pretty annoying because all of my customisation where gone. But there weren’t too many so I can live with it.

ToolbarReset is the same thing as Restore Defaults I’m assuming?

If I’m recalling correctly this is what happened:

  • I had a 3dm file open in Rhino.
  • I hit File -> Open, I select the PDF file
  • Prompt comes up “do you want to save current file” -> Yes
  • PDF file opens (the pdf file isn’t what I expected, I work a little bit in it, I close it)
  • Then when I opened a new file all of my toolbars where gone.

When you customize your toolbars, make sure to save them under a different name.

If you now perform those steps again, does that result in your toolbars disappearing?

1 - Thanks for the advise

2 - Strangely enough I can’t replicate it… Maybe I’m missing something I did

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