SetObjectDisplayMode - missing display modes


As you can see, SetObjectDisplayMode only provides a limited number of the available display modes. Is this a technical limitation or a bug?


are you using the standard version? i can remember having this issue either but recently this seems to be working maybe because i am using the WIP.

I am using 5.3.2, not the WIP. Are you showing a screen dump of the WIP? If so, I am still missing Technical, Artistic and Pen. This coincides with my findings, and also (customised) copies of those modes are missing.


yes those 3 are still missing, i guess i mixed that.

In display mode options, if you select one of the display modes that is not showing up for SetObjectDisplayMode, is “Allow assignment to individual objects” checked?


You were right Sam, that box was not checked. I checked them now, and those display modes are now listed in the drop down list of SetObjectDisplayMode.
Unfortunately, it does not lead to the desired result. I created a “Pen & Shade” custom mode, the only difference with the “Pen” mode is the object coloring being shown as well. This works just fine when using the viewport display mode, but not with this mode being applied to individual objects (I used “Pen” for the viewport and “Pen&Shade” for a single object. The object seems to be in “Pen” mode regardless)