SetElementType in VisualARQ


I think at the moment we have no means of assigning a “Type” through VisualARQ API?


Can we please add SetElementType method to the API?
I am aware of the manual assignment through layers, buth having upper method available through API, would be a huge time saver.

Thank you in advance for the consideration.

Hi @djordje,

It is not possible to assign this IFC type through the API yet (it is possible through Grasshopper though). We already have this request in our list, so I will keep you updated about it.

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Hi @alfmelbev ,
Great to hear it is already on improvements list.
How does Grasshopper component do it? Not through VisualARQ.Script.dll?

Hi @djordje,

You have two different ways to do it with Grasshopper. With the first method, you can update the IfcType of an existing object without the need to bake it again. With the second method, you can bake a new object with a defined IfcType.


IfcType.3dm (2.7 MB) (5.7 KB)

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Hi @alfmelbev ,
Thank you for the very useful reply, once again.

The first solution (“Update property”) is exactly what I am trying to achieve. But through API.
If VisualARQ grasshopper components do not reference the VisualARQ.Script.dll, then what do they reference? It is not possible that I reference the same .dll and call this “Update property” functionality from it?

Hi @djordje,

I think there is no way to call this “Update property” component for now. The only way is by using the component in Grasshopper.

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Thank you once again for the reply @alfmelbev .
I will then wait until SetElementType will be added to the VisualARQ.Script.dll.