IFC property sets

Hello again,
I wonder what are the rules for assigning IFC properties to an element?
Let’s say I’ve got a wall and I want to assign various properties. I know, there is a document properties table and I can add my own data. For now, I add a new property, “AcousticRating”, for example and I assign it to new “IfcPropertySingleValue” category, then I set data type and I may add some notes. Seems fine.
But how is it related to the IFC specification? As you may see, I have choosen some real IFC properties and categories. Is it enough or should I add something else?
Then, would it be possible to assign these properties to some specific elements only? I mean, for now I can have dozens of properties but only a few apply for doors, other for walls etc., etc. Now, when I check a door parameters I can see all these properties, even if they are for some other element exclusively. Would it be possible to have an additional list to assign what document properties I want to be assigned to element categories?

The next question concerns data types. At the IFC specification site (http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/ifc/IFC2x3/TC1/html/index.htm) I can see what kind of data is to be set to a property. Then, what about an enumarated data or various time data? Is it possible to add such a data type? I mean, is it possible for you :wink:

Regards, Jaro

A small addendum.
I have tried to export a wall, and now I can see what I have done the wrong way. Firstly, the VA “category” at the document parameters options is the same as the “PropertySet Name” at the IFC definition. I thought it was for the " Property Type"… Here you can see the “Pset_WallCommon” category with some generic parameters, the rest as defined by myself is at the “VaIfc_IfcPropertySingle” – the program shouldn’t know I want it as the wall description:

When I changed the category for some properties things look a bit better:

As you can see some properties are now at the the right section, “Pset_WallCommon”.

Still I think the categories could be accessed by the element type, not as a global parameter – who needs “CeilingCovering” or “Pset_WallCommon” when defining a window? Now, all the elements have access to all the list… And it’s frustrating to scroll all the long list to find a single value… Is there any solution for that? And I don’t think adding parameters directly to an element is a solution. Thus I would have to prepare and add new properties again and again, even if they are the same…
I think the best solution would be to add a “super-parent” to all elements, and such a super-parent could have all properties. All new elements of the same type could just inherit the properties… I would love to hear it is possible and you work on it :wink:

Cheers, Jaro

The next questions ;):
1/ there are several “Property Sets” at the IFC definition, some of them have the same name, for example: there is a “HandicapAccessible” parameter both (at least) at the “Pset_DoorCommon” section and “Pset_SpaceCommon” one – the VA doesn’t allow to add another parameter with the same name even if it is at the different category, how to solve this?
2/ how to add property sets to a building, a site, a floor?
3/ how to add property sets when defining a GH definition? I see the option, but how to add several properties to one single object?
4/ how to add a boolean type to a parameter option? and any other types, as I have mentiond earlier, ie. time, etc.?
5/ how to assign a new category, as you can see at the picture below I have added a new category (“Pset_DoorCommon”) but all the new parameters bave been assigne as the “Geometry”…

Property set assigned to a single element of a definition:

Something went wrong with the categories…:

Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro,

Parameters by type of object have already been requested and will be developed in a future version of VisualARQ. We will keep you updated about this issue.


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Thank you, Ramon :slight_smile:I cannot wait for the update :wink:
Cheers, Jaro

About your second set of questions, I’m going to answer them in the same order:

  1. Is not possible yet to have more than one parameter with the same name even in different categories.
  2. Property sets for buildings, sites and levels are not possible yet.
  3. Do you mean how to create the parameters or how to set their values? Your example is fine about how to add parameters and below is an example of how to set their values:
  4. To be able to specify the data type of a parameter seems an interesting feature, we will think about that!
  5. Categories work fine if the input Object is a VisualARQ object, but they are not working properly if the input Object is a Rhino Object. Thanks for reporting that.
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Ramon, thank you very much, again :slight_smile:
Regards, Jaro

Ramon, hello again,
I was trying to modify a wall definition to add property sets and I have failed… :wink:
The small success is now I can attach properties to walls, but still to walls existing in a model. Now, the walls have good properties and good sets of properties. And it can be done for all walls in the model. Well, it’s not enough but it is a kind of solution.
Now, how to modify the GH definition to get a new style with property set? I am pretty sure you know how to do it ;).
See the attached definition.
Regards, Jaro
IFC-dodanie-tagow-01.gh (14.3 KB)

And another question: I am trying to get in a GH component a list of an object properties, and it works fine, except I get a long, alphabetical list. There are all the properties set to the object - but nothing more. Firstly, is it possible to get the list of all properties, despite there are some values or not? And, is it possible to get the list in a more civilized way? :wink: I mean, is it possible to get also a category, or even better to sort the values according to vategories?
Regards, Jaro

You can create the style with Grasshopper and add the set of props to it. Just plug the new style in the Object Parameter component and once you bake it the style with all its parameters will appear in the list of wall styles in the document.


Once the style is in the document you can use Grasshopper to give the desired value to each property dynamically.

Unfortunately it is not possible yet to get the parameters without value. So if you want to set their values with the Set Property component you should write the corresponding string manually.
Yes, it could be a good idea to get them in different branches of a data tree according to their category. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ramon, thank you for the info :slight_smile:
There is a bug/nuisance: I have a set of properties and their values are just capital letters. It’s perfectly fine except the “B” value. The value is by default set to “By style”, I am hitting a box and trying to type this “B” and it’s getting back to “By style”… But when I see a table of properties (let’s say a space table) there is a correct value (B)…
Regards, Jaro

That’s weird :confused:. I can take a look to that file with the “B” property if you send it to visualarq@asuni.com

Sent. Regards, JB

Hi @jerry.bakowski ,

The issue with the categories has been solved in the new version of VisualARQ (2.4.3).

The issue with the “B” value has also been solved but will be available in the 2.5 version that will be released soon.