Automate ifc parameters and class


Is there any example of IFC PROPERTIES assignment automation ?
Same thing with IFC class assignement ?

The UI is note quite good for creatign and assigning IFC properties (it would be nice to assign property sets by layer). The actual version only allows to create parameters common to the whole file.

Is it possible to create IFC property sets in grasshoper ?

Hi @raoufdjema15,

Yes, you can automate the IFC Type and Properties assignment from Grasshopper. You can use the “Ifc Tag” and the “Ifc Types” components for it:

You can download this Grasshopper definition here: (4.8 KB)

You can already assign the Ifc Type by layer. You can do this going to VisualARQ>IFC Export Options or running the _IfcExportOptionsDialog command. You will get this window where you can set the Ifc Type for each layer:

Rhino objects are by default defined with an Ifc Type by layer in the Ifc panel:

Actually, you can create parameters by style and by object as well. Learn how here:

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Hi, thanks

Is it possible to do the same with properties ?

Hi @raoufdjema15,

Yes, you can find all the components to work with properties and parameters in the “D.Generics” group: