Baking objects with IFC properties in GH

I have custom Breps created in GrassHopper, and I want to have IFC properties attached to them.
I have found the IFCTag component which is very useful for that, but now I need to bake these objects in my model.
I know I can use the right click, but I am looking for a Bake component so I can set attributes like Layer or Group.
I didn’t find any in VisualARQ, and when I use other plugins, like Elefront or Human, the Breps are baked properly but the IFC properties are missing.
Is there a way in VisualARQ to bake VAobjects with attributes? Or do you know another plugin with a Bake component that can bake VAobjetcs without loosing the IFC properties?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Friou,

For now there is no Bake component in VisualARQ so is not possible to do what you asked, and unfortunately I don’t know any plugins that can achieve that.

We will consider this feature for a future version.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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Hello Ramon,
Thanks for your answer.
I was looking for a work around and found the Update Property component in VisualARQ.
I baked my Breps with a Bake component form another plugin, referenced them back into GH and tried to use the Update Property component, but it does not seem to work either. Is it because it only works on VAobjects, and not custom Breps?

I’m trying to do this today as well. Here is an earlier reply that might help. I’m downloading VisualArq now.

"Hi all, you can use VisualARQ Custom Parameters for assigning data to geometry and export them as ifcProperties. Unlike UserTexts, VisualARQ custom parameters are typed parameters and are exported as ifcProperties.
As @osuire points out, right now the userTexts are not stored to VisualARQ objects, although we are working to fix this. If you have some UserTexts already created and assigned to geometry you can create custom parameters with the same name. Then you can get the UserText Data and re-assign it to geometry as custom parameters. This workflow can be done either in Rhino or in Grasshopper.
In this webinar (minute 32’) it’s explained how to create custom parameters in GH and assign values to data (beams in that case): "

Hello Rickson,
Thank you for your answer, it was very helpful.
I looked into VA Custom Parameters and found how to attach info to my Breps with GrassHopper once they are baked (using the Update Property component from VA). Once exported in IFC and imported in Revit, they show up in the IFC Parameters, which is what I was trying to achieve.

Hi Friou,
The VisualARQ Update Property component works either with VisualARQ objects as with Rhino BReps. It’s used to edit a parameter of a referenced object without baking the whole object and getting a copy of it. But it seems it doesn’t work with the “ifcType” parameter. We will revise this.

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I am stuck with the same struggle…
I am trying to make a HumanUI script which gives the user the possibility to create objects with IFC properties.
I have tried the same workaround as Friou however, I do not succeed in applying the new properties to the baked geometry.

I have also tried to simulate the “right-click bake” feature on the VisualARQ components in python but without success.

Does anyone know any new possible solutions to bake objects with IFC information without the user is destined to right-click on the component? :slight_smile:

Hi @jacob.heinhermansen,

Can you send me the GH definition to so I can debug it and see why it doesn’t work?



Will do! :slight_smile:

Hi @friou revising this old issue, I’ve realized that it works properly with VisualARQ 2.13 version. You just need to make sure you are using the proper string for the ifc type parameter (“ifcType”). To make sure you always use a proper string for any parameter, I recommend obtaining it from the Property Names component: