SetDimensionLayer for leaders?

Hi! I just discovered the SetDimensionLayer command and its great, replaces some alises I’ve been using for years. Does anyone know if there’s something similar for leaders, or a way to have leaders go to the same layer?


Hm - no- would you expect leaders to follow dimensions if there were no separate setting?
RH-64977 SetDimensionLayer: Include leaders


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yes, i generally keep all my dimensions and leaders etc on one layer

Interesting command, wasn’t aware it exists. Thanks

I use Rhino on Mac & Windows, SetDimensionLayer doesn’t work on the Mac side 🤷

It does seem to work, here, but the input for using an existing layer is a bit awkward, not to say broken, it seems to me. I’ll poke at it some more.


Definitely not working on my Mac, I call the command, set it to current layer, do some dims with another layer active, the dims are not on the dims layer 🤷

Yeah, I think that is the expected behavior - the current layer sets the new dimension object layer - normal behavior for new objects, in other words, is what that means. To specify a layer you need to use the other option.


I think I get it to work now, with specifying layer, its very tricky though, to me if you click set to current layer that should just stick too, 🤷

Hi Pascal,

Would it also be possible to make this command remember the changes after closing and reopening rhino? I generally use the same layer name for all my files.

Hi -

You can put the command and layer name in your start-up commands.

Ah, I did not know about that field. Thanks!