Set Dimension Layer Issues

I use a hell of a lot of dimensions and detailing in my drawings. As many others I have a a couple of customised templates, of which there is a pre named layer for Dimensions. So I use the SetDimensionLayer to Dims layer, thats fine, it works, I save my model, close it. Open it up maybe start of the next day, it needs resetting, surely this should be sticky when saved in file ? Also when you run the command, if you click UseCurrentLayer that doesnt work either, you have to click it, then enter the name of the layer you want your dimensions on :man_shrugging:t4:
Dims Layer

Hello- as far as I can see UseCurrentLayer does work - as a setting, and not a prompt to set the dim layer globally to what the currenyt layer is right now. That is, it appears to mean that the dims will show up on whatever layer is current when they are created, and not on any p,articular layer. i.e. default behavior… Admittedly, this is not a feature I’ve used much at all.

Setting a dimension layer per file does seem reasonable to me but I suspect that is one for the wish list/V9 at this point.

@mary - can you weigh in with more useful comments?


The ‘UseCurrentLayer’ is very confusing then, in fact its almost a useless option to have because its very obvious that what ever layer you have active is the layer you will draw on :man_shrugging:t4:. And when you do set a layer it almost certainly should stay with that file :+1:t4:. Having to reset that everyday on multiple files is a real pain, and V9 :astonished:, thats years and years away :crazy_face:

Then do yourself a favor and set it in Rhino Options when you start Rhino:


yeh that kinda half works John, still from a user point of view, this should stick to a file when used, and also the ‘UseCurrentLayer’ is a pointless and confusing line to have. So it would be lovely jubly if McNeel devs could do us users a favour and take a look at making this more simple and user friendly. Plus I also have a custom template for certain tasks where I actually don’t need ‘SetDimensionLayer’ to pop up every time I start Rhino. Thinking about it, I work on files that takes days, sometimes weeks to complete, so when I open up a current project file I’m working on I have that command line to deal with, so no unfortunately that does me no favours at all !

I would personally disagree.
I can see that that change would irritate at least as many people as would like it.

Fortunately, Rhino is customizable enough it can accommodate most individual preferences.


I’ll see if I can make you something that works ok in the short term…


I guess there needs to be a way to explicitly set that though.

There are quite a few open issues on this Dimension Layer issue and there is no consensus on how it should work and where it will get saved…

RH-63122 SetDimensionLayer-Should-be-made-a-document-property

RH-67278 SetDimensionLayer-Add-dynamic-option-to-save-into-layers-according-to-annotation-style

RH-2857 Dimension and Annotation layer

And more!

Why stop at dimensions and annotations, should there be a Curve layer, Surface layer, Text Dot layer, Block insertion layer… as you can see the wishes grow and features creep.

We will need a in depth discussion to implement this feature in a future Rhino.
So please be specific with how you want the feature to work:

  • Where you want to set your dimension layer?
  • Where you want it remembered?
  • What other annotations you want to follow?
  • What about other objects? Do we need a Automatic Layer Assignment Manager?
  • How is the command accessed, dialog or panel?

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary, at the moment you already have a ‘SetDimensionsLayer’ command, its already there, for me fix/improve what you already have, then move onto maybe something new. No point keep adding new things and leaving existing tools not really user friendly. The SetDimensionLayer should just be remembered in the file. Open a new file, set your dimension layer, it sticks to that layer, simple as that. On a daily basis I open multiple files, everytime I have to reset the dimension layer, trust me, after years and years of having to do this it starts to get a little frustrating. Hope some of this helps with internal McNeel discussions of what direction or decisions you guys make :+1:t4:

All this would be great to slowly add in the future, but fix/improve whats already been implemented, then move on to the next challenge.

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It sounds like you are giving a +1 to this existing feature request:
I will add your vote.


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@mary - this command seems very awkward to macro - I do not see a way to reliably set a dim layer regardless of what the current setting is. Am I being dumb? We should fix this… I’ll make a YT


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Hi @pascal ,
That is likely an easy fix.
Please YT.

Where to save this in the file and to have it work as @milezee would like, that is a different issue.
And that is already logged and open.

This forum thread is lined to RH-63122. Where there is something to test, there will be a notification posted here.


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