Layer by command?

Hi there,
is there any way to force rhino to draw for example dimensions in my dimensions layer, even when the current selected layer is different?

Hello - if your dimension layer is consistently named, you can try a macro like

! _Dim _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast _-ChangeLayer "Dimensions Layer" SelNone


Hi, thanks. Time to learn how to use macros! (when I use it and put there my dimension layer name it is still using current one).

Hello - make sure to put the name of the dimension layer inside the “double quotes” if the name contains spaces.


There was a mistake i the makro you sent - in front of )SelLast - instead od _SelLast. Now it works, thanks again.

could you post the correct macro here please :slight_smile:

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! _Dim _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast _-ChangeLayer “Dimensions Layer” SelNone that worked for me

My original idea was, to use dimension layer just for the command and than turn it back to layer used before. This way you end up with current dimension layer.

Hi Jan- the dimension should end up on the dimension layer but the current, active, layer should not change - do you see something different?


Now it works correctly. Thank you for your advise!