Set One Mesh Through Human UI

Hi all, I am trying to perform some operations on a 3D model using Rhino and Human UI. As we select “Set one Mesh” from “Mesh” component in Grasshopper, similarly I want to do the same operation by using Human UI.

I want to set a mesh in Human UI by clicking the 3D model in Rhino window rather than using Grasshopper’s “Mesh” component. Can anyone help?

My Grasshopper file and Sample 3D model is attached herewith. (6.6 KB) ExampleSTL File.3dm (199.8 KB)

you may have to do that through a custom script
try this: (3.4 KB)
downside is that when the pick action fires up, you have to click into active viewport first.

Hi @Will_Wang, the problem is still there. I need to “set one mesh” to Human UI interface (See Figure 1) directly without clicking grasshopper’s “mesh” component (See Figure 2).

yeah like this

I am unable to run the code and any button is not appearing in the control window, Why is that?

My file and screenshot is attached here. (6.5 KB)

use this script:

give your button a name, will you?

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Oh, Thanks man! It is working now :slight_smile:

@Will_Wang, the code is running fine but it is not performing the operation.
Why is that? Please refer to the image and file posted below.

I have tried to connect this button to geometry in Rhino but it is not giving any outputs. (9.6 KB)