Human UI for Rhino Ui

Hi. Is it Possible to use HumanUi To script Rhino Interfaces?
Buttons, Menues, Radial Menues etc?

HumanUI uses Windows Presentation Foundation and a couple of dependancies that built on it for its interfaces. The Rhino UI is built with ETO (which is translated to WPF on Windows installs). As such, you can’t build UI’s with HumanUI it outside of the new window it creates.

Other options

  1. You can build Heads Up Displays in grasshopper for viewing in Rhino viewports (through Conduit for example)
  2. You can use grasshopper player - check out this thread for some good ideas;
    Grasshopper Player (custom tools & wish list)
  3. Learn C# and build Widgets and Gizmos straight in the viewport;
    rhino-developer-samples/SampleCsGumballCylinder.cs at 6 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub

No, it is not possible.

Thanks for the clarification!

Hi Andrew, is it possible to select geometry inside a RhinoDocument by their Material using Human?
I found the Materialtable component(which got me excited), but I have no Idea how to use it!