Set Geometry in HUMAN UI

Documentation can always be better, but I’ve striven to have example files, videos, and the components themselves have fairly thorough documentation of their use here:


I’d be very open to setting up a HumanUI category here!

Done #grasshopper:human-ui


OK, thanks for these links. Human UI looks fantastic. Hope to learn to use it quickly. :slight_smile:

BTW, I saw in the video list on Vimeo a mesh reconstruction made with grassHopper. Is there any chance that you would share the GH definition for that? (this clip).

// Rolf

My original question was: Is there a way to set geometry through Human UI?

Its is funny that I got all kind of comments to my post, but none of them corresponds to my question… :frowning:

Question is whether GrassHopper can be made to attach a selected geometry from Rhino to a GH component. If so, then Human UI could control such a GH component.

So if a GH component can do the trick, then Human UI can activate that.

Not knowing if there’s any dedicated GH component for doing exactly what you want, one option would still be to write your own script using the script components to do the attachment, and have Human UI activate that component (perhaps by toggle to true to activate the scirpt).

// Rolf

Thanks, I jam just a plain architect, so writing code is not really on option for me. That is why I utilize Grasshopper’s “visual programming” … :slight_smile:

I understand. Anyway, I suggest the following approach. You can connect a HumanUI component to the press-button and it will work the way I think you would expect (notice the Rhino Command Line after pressing the button) :

However, for some reason the GH canvas gets into a non-responsive state every odd number of times the command is activated. Perhaps @DavidRutten can fix this.

(You can try the gh definition attached but be aware of that the non-responsiveness still must be fixed. Repeat the command to unlock the “freeze”).

Here’s the script. Double-click it to see the code inside.
Assign Selection To (4.1 KB)

// Rolf

Thanks Rolf, it is very nice of you!

You may want read also the following post, if something new comes up regarding the non-responsiveness.

For now you could try holding down the button a second or two, or press a second time to release the freeze (unless @DavidRutten or @dale has a solution to this).

// Rolf

Hi Bazals,
you want to use also “Human” components.
In particular, the “objects by selection” and “sort objects by type” components will be useful here :


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thank you.

I’m also a fan of this script - it initiates a rhino “get” request which shows up in the command line and then spits back the GUID of the selected object(s) - just pass it into a geometry param to get a proper object reference. Pick Objects (10.1 KB)


What should happen if I click on pick? Does not do anything for me…

You should see a prompt Pick: to select some geometry in the Rhino command line.

This is extremely useful for my definition! No it really behaves like a real application! Is it also possible to release the object? Which means I close the file.

Not sure I know what you mean? If you want to clear the selection, there is already a boolean input in the script called “Clear” that does this, you just need to hook it up to a button.

thanks, cool.

Hi all, I have looked at the solutions but did not find anyone of my help. My problem is,

I am trying to perform some operations on a 3D model using Rhino and Human UI. As we select “Set one Mesh” from “Mesh” component in Grasshopper, similarly I want to do the same operation by using Human UI.

I want to set a mesh in Human UI by clicking the 3D model in Rhino window without using Grasshopper’s “Mesh” component. Can anyone help?

My Grasshopper file and Sample 3D model is attached herewith. (6.6 KB) ExampleSTL File.3dm (199.8 KB)