Set Multiple Objects order in Grasshopper - Problem

I found if I want the Objects order is what I wish,I must start in grasshopper with ‘set multiple points’ and then reference them in Rhino as the order,if I first select the objects,in grasshopper the order is different with what I select. I remember in some early edition, I can pre-select the objects in rhino then pass them into the grasshopper to make sure the order is same as select. So what is the order rules in grasshopper multiple selections?

Right click the parameter first, select set multiple, then select the objects, hit enter.

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Yes,in this way I can get the right order, but when I pre-select the objects the order is wrong, I don’t know why.

It is just a long standing bug. Just do it the other way.

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I always wondered why that is.

I suspect you’re misremembering. If you preselect the objects then their order is the same as it is in the Rhino document, which basically means last created or edited objects first.

Sometimes this will result in the order you want, sometimes not.

Rhino has never to my knowledge kept track of selection order when the selection is modified outside of a command context.


Thanks, I know the reasons now. I must misremember.:joy: