Objects order

There is any way to change the order of objs?

If I have 10 obj, and select all once, and create a forearch to delete one at a time, the order
is by default that order that was drawn.

I need to change the order at my convenience, there is any comand python or c#?

Basically i need to create a list and set an order by the nearest object and so on.


Saw this the other day and figured it might come in handy…

Arkadius Belov.gh (15.7 KB) Arkadius Belov.3dm (56.3 KB)

No, not really. Object are stored internally in a linked list and there isn’t a way to re-order them.

Why is this important?

– Dale

Hello @dale ,
I need select multiple objects (lines) at once to do some operations,
Is important to define the order of operations of each object, because when selected all at once within a list, the order is defined by the stored linked list.

If there is no way to rearrange I will have to create a list and rearrange within the list, for
after make some operations.

But I think there could be a way to change the stored linked order, maybe another thing to put on the wishlist.