Order Creation

Hi all.

Can someone explain why this happen?
The geometries order creation isnt respected when referenced on Grasshopper after save and reopen the Rhino document.

I tried on my coworkers computers and this just happen in some computers.

All of we are using this Version of Rhino

Version 6 SR35
(6.35.21222.17001, 10/08/2021)


I am sure someone can explain it.

That’s not me however I have seen this before!

I have dealt with that too, especially when teaching a class and using multiple stations.

If these are just referenced/internalized without performing a ‘second’ ordering inside grasshopper then you might continue to experience this situation.

Have you ordered the referenced data inside grasshopper ? As in from smaller to larger values ‘left to right’ {using x coordinate values for example}?

Are you just grabbing all these then setting them into a parameter or are you setting them by selecting them one by one in the order you want then hitting enter?

An apology in advance if the questions seem pedantic/patronizing - not intended that way.


Hi Corellaman. I work with Karla (original poster). The problem is that the order of the points is crucial for some grasshopper operations. We select them via select objects in Rhino in order to keep original order, and it will be sometimes reversed. Usually they are spread and with no logic order since they represent excavation points in a topography. Each point will be assigned with specific information. If each time we open the Rhino file the order is reversed, our algortihm will give a bad result. I am explaining since you have experienced this problem before, maybe you have an idea.
So far I can only think of saving the frist point twice to identify the index 0 of the list of points and reverse it when it is convenient. But this is just one of many workarounds we have to do when using grasshopper. And since it is happening in some computers only we think is a Rhino / grasshopper problem that needs to be fixed by them.


Hi Delaparra,

Can you provide example files?

One thing i’ve done is add user text to sort by (using Elefront) guaranteeing a proper sort of any incoming Rhino geometry. Some components can’t counted on for proper sorting (like the Merge component)

If you create a polyline from these points, is the direction of the polyline reversed?