Change index no. order


I have a huge no. of objects and this is just a sample. When I convert the objects to grasshopper, the index no. are not in the order that I need. I get them like this pic.

I would like to change the index order to be like what is in this pic. Can I draw a line for the order of the index that I need? Or if there is any easier way?

Any help will be much appreciated. (8.0 KB) (12.3 KB)
Index start from 0, but your sequence is the same.

Code is short enough to explain itself.

Let me know if not.


  • if you select curves on rhino and THEN right-click on parameter > “set multiple curve” , the order/sequence is lost;
  • if you, while nothing selected on rhino, do right-click on parameter > “set multiple curve” the selected object will be referenced in the same order you clicked them.

Thank you @maje90,