Set Multiple Points Grasshopper (Rhino 6) - Bug?

In Rhino 5, it was possible to select points in Rhino, then pass them into grasshopper using ‘set multiple points’. It seems this is not possible in Rhino 6 - you must start in grasshopper with ‘set multiple points’ and then reference them in Rhino. Is this a bug or done purposely? It is advantageous to perform sets of selection criteria in Rhino before passing points into grasshopper (e.g., select certain colours, layers, etc.)

In addition, there are lines between points. Are these lines indicating the order of points?

The lines have always been there I think - it is intended to show the order. But you’re correct that the preselect -> set multiple workflow seems to be broken in Rhino 6.

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Thanks Andrew. For some reason, in Rhino 5 I do not see this similar line being generated. Any idea if there is a toggle for this feature?

it only occurs when you select “set multiple” first and then select points in rhino. If you always pre-select you’ll never see it!

Wow, you’re totally right! I never knew that before!

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The behaviour is indeed broken for preselected points, logged under RH-44850.

The behaviour for point parameter should be:

  1. If point objects are available in the file and the parameter is empty, use Referenced mode by default.
  2. If no point objects are available and the parameter is empty, use Coordinate mode by default.
  3. If the parameter already contains point, use whatever mode they use.
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Thanks David. For future bug issues, I will check with that website first (unless you recommend making a post on still?)

You can always check first, but I made that YT entry in response to this post.

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