Set Location for Make 2D Drawing?

Currently working with a large file with many objects. When I make a 2D drawing I have to scroll back to origin and drag linework into layout position. This can be time consuming.

My question is this, is it possible in Rhino 5 to set a point other than world coordinate 0,0 to have rhino place the 2d drawing when running the Make2D command?


Is there a way to move the world origin point?

Thanks in advance for any info on this


Not currently. Make2D output is always drawn on the World Top CPlane near the origin.
I’ll add a Wish List feature enhancement request for an option for placing it closer to the selected objects.
This is fraught with peril if your objects are a long way from the origin as when calculating the curves, too many digits to the left of the decimal point are wasted for location perhaps not leaving enough for precision to the right of the decimal point.

Thanks John

Hi Ryan, a sort of work around for this - as the geometry is still selected from the _Make2D command, you could Move the selection using 0 as your move from location and pick the destination as your move to option.

This will get the geometry away from 0,0,0 and the clutter of the model without having to scroll or zoom into it and place in your layout zone. The geometry is still selected at this stage, so you could do a second move to fine-tune the location.

Hi Ryanh,

A simple workaround would be to run a macro. It will first call the Make2D command and when finished start to move the result from the origin to a point that you then set.

_Make2D _Pause Move 0 _Enter

info on running a macro:


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Nice, Thanks Willem

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I can see that this topic is practically ancient but this is an issue which was making me crazy.

I work as a Set Designer and Model Maker and am constantly making 2d drawings from very large files
and am was constantly having to go get my 2D and drag it back to where I was working.

I believe Pascal wrote this Macro for me. I call it “ComeHere”

! _Zoom _Selected
_Move _Pause _Pause

When you Make2D leave the 2D selected and run the Macro. It will take you to the selected object where you click
where you want to move from then it will bring you back to where you started then you click where you want to place it.

Amazing. It saves me a huge amount of time!

Hope you get as much use out of it as I do. It works with any last created or selected object.