Make2d Location?

I want to change where the geometry lands after Make2D command. I have changed the origin but it still lands in the old location. Is there a way to change where Make2D geometry lands ? tia

Hi Miles -

No, there isn’t. The output is selected when the command finishes and you could probably throw together a macro that facilitates this. I take it you are not moving it to the world origin?

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I was hoping that changing the c-plane world origin would change where Make2D lands. I have a lot geometry in a model, the parts I’m now detailing are a long way from where I started to work from. Its a pain dragging/moving after each Make2d of each component piece of stonework :man_shrugging:t3:

Hello- Immediately after Make2d (output is still selected)
! _Move W0 0

Does that do what you need? It could all be in one macro too…



If you are using only top view then you can use “C-plane” as destination, and then as pascal say move it afterwards. Put it in a macro if you always want to move it to the same location.

for example make a button with the command like this:

_Make2D pause _Move w0,0,0 w500,0,0

Putting a w in front of the coordinates forces rhino to use world coordinates and not your cplane.
and using _ before a command makes Rhino understand that this is an english command name, so it works even if you have a local language in Rhino.

Good luck!

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no not to the world origin, I have a grid of lines which I then start to detail each individual stone, it would be nice to have the option of an insertion point with the cursor

Hi Miles -

Simply running the following macro right after Make2D should help then:
Move 0 pause

(you can replace the “pause” with a trailing space but that gets removed here)
That makes the From point the world zero and waits for the To point. If you then snap to the lower left corner of one of those boxes (or the intersection if those are longer lines), you’d get something like this:

If you create your grid with a point object that is offset from the lower left corner, you’d snap to that point and wouldn’t have to move the curves anymore.

As Pascal wrote, you could also include the Make2D into the macro…
I suppose all of that can be scripted for complete automation but that’s for someone else…

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@wim Hi Wim, thank you sir, this works for me :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

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