Set Origin to a specific location with OSnaps

Is there a way not to move the XYZ origin of the modelling space via OSnap to a point of an object by maintaining the overall orientation?


You are talking about creating a custom CPlane?

No I just want to move the whole world space from 0,0,0 to a certain point by using osnaps and make this 0,0,0 of the world space.

I find myself often where I model from the origin, make many variations and would like to quickly set the origin to some far object. But actually you are right. I can simply select all objects and snap a point of the selection to 0,0,0

Do not bother about this. Thank you Mitch for stepping into this.

You cannot move the world origin in Rhino in any case. So it’s either set custom CPlanes and work with those, or actually move the objects themselves.

You could use _ExportWithOrigin