Set DynamicDisplay on Viewport

is it somehow possible to set the DynamicDisplay of a Viewport?
Specifically i want to disable heavy pipeline calls, like the shadows in rendered mode and if i’m not wrong the DynamicDisplay boolean handles this behavior. Maybe you also know a workaround for this, since the Set Property on a viewport is currently not exposed.
My Plugin is moving/rotating the camera in realtime and i can clearly see a difference in the framerate between pan/rotation with the mouse, compared to my plugin.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @FlorianFrank,

I am not sure I understand this…

Well, you could always modify the display mode and turn off shadows. You can even switch to another display mode, such as Shaded.

I’m probably going to need more information, perhaps some sample code, to provide additional help - sorry.

– Dale

Hi Dale,
sorry for my late reply. I hope i can explain it any better this time:

So for example on the DisplayPipeline class i can use the property IsDynamicDisplay to skip heavy drawing routines on my custom pipeline, while the user is panning or zooming. The same is happening with shadows in rendered mode.

On an office project i’m working on i have code which is changing the viewport camera and i’d like to be able to set the DynamicDisplay Property of the viewport i’m currently modifying, to keep the fps high. Currently there is no way to do so.


Hi @FlorianFrank,

There is no way in any of our SDKs to set the IsDynamicDisplay. Can your command just set some flag on your own conduit that indicates this?

– Dale

I know, currently there is no way to SET the DynamicDisplay Property.
I’m not drawing in the pipeline. I just change camera positions. We use the plugin in the office to navigate trough perspective views, similar to this one: WASD controls in Rhino?.
It’s used also for team discussions and client presentations and currently it’s not working well in rendered mode (because of shadows). We could turn the shadows off, but it looks definitly better with then.
I think it could be really helpful to be programmatically set DynamicDisplay and i would like to make an official feature request. I’m sure also Jarek would be happy for his project.
I understand it’s risky, that DynamicDisplay could be left ON and this may create some display issues, but i’m sure this will be touched only by experienced developers.

Thanks for your patience in this discussion :blush:
Florian Frank