Please don't forget to fix the broken dynamic redraw

Please don’t forget it. It’s still not working. It was a great feature to manipulate the view of slow displayed models.


Hi Micha- do you mean BBox display?


I’m not sure. Rhino 4 allow to set a frame rate limit and under this limit parts of the scene are dynamic replaced by BBoxes. It was a great helper to turn models from my clients (complex Pro/E Exports). This feature is great, because the user can quick turn the model without to lost the feeling for the 3D space and if the view manipulation is stopped, anything is visible. At Rhino 5 there are the options like before, but no dynamic display bounding boxes.

Hi Micha,

are you aware of this option in a display mode:

It can easily toggled via the display tab :


I know it, but in “use application settings” mode the automatic bbox doesn’t work anymore. Also I like to use the frame rate parameter, because I like to see the bounding boxes only if necessary and the frame rate based way allow to see a part of the scene in current display mode. And the global application settings normally are working for all display modes. The good old automatic frame rate based reduction was great. The manual mode switch is quite cumbersome, for me good as workaround only.

Thank you,

I hoped no answer means it is implemented at the beta that I don’t used, but yesterday I got an automatic install of the current SR and nothing … . :frowning:

SR9 … no fix. :frowning:

I think it’s time to fix it! I use a Quadro 6000 and my display is slow for my complex models, so the minimum support should be that the old display features are working. I have done my job and installed good hardware - please developing team do your part too.