WASD controls in Rhino?

That’s great news Jarek!
I have only a W, A, S or D with mouse look plugin, and that isn’t good enough for serious navigation. It’s better than nothing, but not good enough for release, so good luck!


I don’t know if anybody has played countrestrike, but you can fly around after you die… don’t need collision detections… just pass straight through. you always go in the direction you’re pointing at the center of the screen

Sure, God-mode is great for exploration and even easier to program than a walk mode. Often with ground collision = on.

The plugin has both walk and fly modes implemented (toggle with Tab), and ground collisions in both modes. For certain models flying is definitely more helpful than walking.

Sounds awesome @Jarek ! Can’t wait to give it a shot. I will have to keep checking back then until you announce your release. Very strong idea with the tab toggle btw.

Hi All,

Here is a screen recording preview of how the WASD walkthrough plugin currently works in Rhino viewport ( in one of my random “Sandbox” files ).
Still needs some more work before the first official release, but I thought I’d share:


ooooooh nice! Looking forward to that plugin!

Hi @Jarek
How is this smooth looking plugin of yours coming along?
Is there any way I could get my hands on it? (prepurchase etc?)
I gave up my project as GetKeyDown never got incorporated in Python, and learning a new language is too complicated for my other needs :slight_smile:


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I am just now seeing this video and VERY EXCITED, although I have a feeling I will be compulively hitting space to jump over and over.

Hi Jørgen, It is ‘almost ready’, just like Rhino 6 ; ) I will PM you with more info since we discussed our personal WASD projects before…

Hi Aaron, space is used for other things in my keyboard map since jump is not usually critical in exploring your CAD designs… but for compulsive jumpers/doom/quake/call of duty players, the “C” key is reserved and working :wink:

Will your WASD plug-in have configurable keys? The WASD layout on my keyboard wouldn’t really work, I’d rather have HSLN (: (and for jumping M)


The first release will not have configurable keys… but I realize this may be important to add, so if there is interest I will look into making it work. So are you left-handed or… :wink: Just curious why WASD is not working for you. Or you have some special keyboard layout for coding gurus?

Yes. Well, not necessarily coding guru, but my layout is

Essentially a Dvorak-type layout, but optimised for the Finnish language.


I see… excuse my ignorance. I can definitely see HSNL + M jump making sense here!
Or - possibly - a toggle between QWERTY-Dvorak layouts…this may be easier to implement.

And all those AZERTY guys out there?

thanks Wim. Clearly key customizations are needed. Need to burst my qwerty bubble.

damn languages!

Don’t worry about non qwerty people. They probably all voted for Trump.