Set Curves as Boundary in Grasshopper

Can someone tell me how to set these curves to be the boundaries for each “Cell”? I’m then going to inflate each of them.
This pattern was not created using voronoi in GH; I must use the existing curves.
Thanks in advance!

Step 1, you’ll have to create a mesh in each polygon.

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Step Zero:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Have you tried this definition in the topic linked in that other topic where you asked for help?

Yes, I can get the inflation to work if I build the voronoi in grasshopper, but I can’t do that in this case.

Hi @Josh_Robinson

Here’s an example of inflating pillows on a set of closed curves: (10.6 KB)

You haven’t shared the curves you’re using, so here I’m showing with curves generated in grasshopper, but the highlighted component shows where you can replace them with your curves.
Each cell will need to be a closed loop.
Note that the mesh resolution is set to 0.2 in this example - depending what size your geometry is you’ll need to set this to an appropriate value.


Thank you! I’ll have to work on closing the loops, because quite a few are still open.