How can I make my voronoi cells more like the ones in the photo

Hello everyone. I’ll keep it as short as possible.

I have a grasshopper definition that creates basic voronoi cells. The 2 things I would like to have are:

What I want to achieve

  1. How do I make the voronoi end with lines instead of points. If you look closely at the photo some of the voronoi cells loft to a line instead of a point like im doing.

  2. How do I attach the voronoi to a curved base once I finish?

Appreciate any guidance :slight_smile:

@grbl9789 I think this is from your work with Hammerly? Would appreciate any guidance. Not really trying to copy I just wanna print a voronoi pattern on a vase using my 3d printer.


You also look closely but not enough, Greg is using something like this

So for each point inside a cell, search the closest point on the curve, then measure the distance and then elevate as a function of this distance. It is like a roof except that Height(distance) is not a first degree equation. He is surely using a Graph Mapper.

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Hey really appreciate it this looks exactly like what I’m trying to achieve! Will give it a go once I’m home thank you!

Here a version with four type of polygons

All bumps have the same maximum height, if you want maximum height different just flatten the bound component

voronoi medial axis Greg (11.7 KB)

And a version with a complete surface

voronoi medial axis Greg Obj (23.2 KB)


Looks like my secrets are out…