Inflation issues (some break) and voronoi gradient help


so i was wondering if anyone could help me with these two issues, The first is that i cant seem to get a consistent gradient of voronoi cell sizes through the graph mapper, although theres a high possibility im just not using it right. The gradient works quite well until it gets to the far side where it stops increasing in side. Ive uploaded an image of what im trying to achieve.
The second issue im having is that some of these bounded voronoi meshes arent inflating, im quite clueless as to how i could fix this. They inflate a tiny bit when i run the solver then they seem to break in some manner.

Any help would be much appreciated! thanks!

First part of script

Second part of script

Voronoi (21.5 KB)

Decrease the value of the ‘Tolerance’ input of the solver - a value of 0.00001 should work.
There are some lines which are very short and getting collapsed.

awesome! thankyou!

Can you please post an animation or screenshot of the finished thing! :smiley:

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Totally forgot to post it finished, here’s a few renders :)))

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Wow, nice! Must be quite the experience to walk through that. Thanks for posting the renderings, @crepaart.

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