Inflatable voronoi cells


(Madeleine Kallmarker) #1

Hello, I am trying to get a voronoi pattern inflated… What I would like to do is to inflate meshes in a voronoi pattern. I tried it “manually” and got an ok solution (attached pdf), but I would love to get them inflated so the cells bump into each other a bit.

Here are the files.

Thank you!

gh forum_qu_02.pdf (85.2 KB)
Model 3.3dm (410.6 KB)
Model 3_3.1 fake (36.1 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #3

Can you post just the meshes and the voronoi curves?

(David S. Mavrov) #4

Here is an easy way. You need Bullant for it.

Inflate (348.7 KB)

(Madeleine Kallmarker) #5

Exactly what I need… but the voronoi pattern is actually not flat (I’ve used catenary för the pattern). Here are only the curves, maybe you have an idea how to apply your script on them (crashed when I tried).

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Cells to inflate.3dm (522.5 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #6

I will take a look later tonight. Hope you can wait :slight_smile: Glad that I can help. Is it ETFE by any chance? And a real project or just playing around. For these type of pneumatic structures everything you can use in Rhino/Grasshopper can only serve you for an idea, architectural visualization and so on.

I am afraid that the actual manufacturing and engineering requires some heavy solutions. (Price and knowledge wise).

(Madeleine Kallmarker) #7

Sure, I’ll wait!

It’s my master’s thesis :slight_smile: The project is in collaboration between the department of architecture and chemical physics, the upper layer (catenary) will collect rainwater and the inflated bags are filled with hydrogen gas which is produced by the water and solar energy. It is more of an concept design, but I am building a prototype that actually converts the water into hydrogen gas. I know it sounds dangerous…

Thank you,