Set an axo view

I need to get this axonometric view but I don’t know how to set it. Any ideas?

Its like the gbc pokémon camera.


hi, it seems to me that these are only cast shadows, you could handle that with using a directional light and render it orthogonally from above like so. rhino does not offer that kind of perspective unfortunately, i have seen it being asked or requested a few times. one method which is frequently suggested is to use shear and actually shear the geometry, now wether a render with a shadow play is better is up to you of course but in this particular case which you show i would definitely try a render, if its for stylised representative matters.

Maybe this plugin does top-down oblique projection: axonoblique
Not at a pc, so I can’t try it.

Set the camera to a 45 degree angle (or whatever you want) and change Projection to Parallel in the properties tab. You can also change your settings (Rhino options > View > Pan > Always pan parallel views) to move around without accidentally rotating.

there’s also _Isometric for a 3/4 view.


The square top should remain square in this view, so maybe scale everything in one direction.

For more information: is the view you get when you tap this side of the navigator cube of some softwares

As you can see, in this kind of perspective only appears the top and an elevation view.

In Rhino, use the Isometric command to get this - you will get some choices about which way to turn the view.


that would yield parallel perspectives. if i am not mistaken the op is seeking for a method to project the front or top orthogonally having the sides sheared out to one side. but maybe that is not clearly defined currently? are you actually looking for a partially orthogonal perspective, sort of cavalier or cabinet?

See his post above mine - I was replying to that.

he posted an imaged in his first post which does not reflect isometric views. the image he shows now probably comes from one of the autodesk products, i can not believe that these yield anything he posted in the beginning but probably isometrics views as you suggest. i believe he should be a bit more clear what he wants. that is what i am referring to.

its hard to me explain clearly because im not native speaker so i try my best.

Its not an a military projection, its (in spanish: axonometria egipcia/egyptian axonometric) were two axis match


The architect Hedjuk used to draw this kind of views.

As you see, is not an military projection, its a different kind.

I upload the image of navigation cube from Autodesk products in order to be more clearly in the view that im looking for.

Another examples of this view


The projection do not deform the top or the front view, also the Y and Z axis are in the same direction.

ok, that was not clear for me in your first picture because i did not read from it that it shows the front additionally my mistake. but is the top completely orthogonally? or are they shortened? if they can be a bit shortened go to the top view then press ctrl shift and rotate the viewport keep all pressed just let shift go once and press it again that will align the rotation along the center axis then you rotate as much as you need it and voila basically similar to what @stn suggested.

but if you have to have it orthogonally then the only option is to use shear meaning actually changing the geometry of your objects.



Here is an update of an old grasshopper script that produces an Egyptian projection in the Top view: (35.3 KB)

Thanks you a lot. Thats exaqtly what im looking for

One more way in Rhino will be to turn the object 45 degrees in Plan and then using the shear command. This will give the True Axonometric view.