Server is busy error

Win 8.1 Rhino 5.0.

Every time I try to open a new session of Rhino, I’m told the server is busy and do I want to retry or switch to. Either way, nothing happens and I am unable to get in.

This happened after a total Windows 8.1 melt down and “refresh” and re-install of Rhino, so I reverted to my old XP machine. Everything was fine there, until I received notification of a new update. After installing that update, I now get the same symptoms as with the W8.1 machine.


Further on this topic:

I’ve gotten the XP machine working by un/re installing Rhino 5 and declining to install the latest update.

The W8.1 Machine - not so much. I did find that I can operate with little interruption when I disabled the About command. It seemed I was accidentally pressing the “A” key and getting the about dialog. That would toss the error. I still get the error when I first open a session, but it will eventually go away.

Hi Cliff-
Hmmm - this is the splash screen. Does Rhino run normally if you make a shortcut with the NoSplash switch and run it from there:

(““C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\Rhino.exe” /NoSplash”)


That did it, Pascal. It makes sense, since I was getting it each time the splash screen came up.

@brian - do you have an idea why the splash is choking?


The splash screen is trying to talk to the McNeel Update Service and is failing. It may be that disabling the McNeel Update 5.0 service from Control Panel->System will make this symptom go away.

Dear sir
i go for this location
c:\Program Files (x86)\McNeelUpdate\5.0\

and delete this file (McNeelUpdateService.exe)

nothing until now hppened

ifeel better
hoping you so