"serial port could not be opened" message with microscribe

Hi there,
I have a microscribe arm which has worked successfully with rhino for a number of years.
However, it appears that Win 10 has recently scuppered this.
I have a Prolific Serial Port to USB connector, as well as drivers to run it.
In the past this worked fine, but now Rhino gives the message “Serial Port could not be opened”, even though there are COM ports visible in the Devices panel.
I have searched the web for answers, and I see there is stand-alone software available for setting up virtual serial ports.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
All advice is gratefully received.
Mike Logan

this link likely does not answer your question directly, but it does have a contact at microscribe you may use to get the answer-


Thanks Kyle,
I will investigate and see if they can shine a light on what is happening.
Appreciate your help.
Kind regards
Mike Logan

Hi Mike - it may be worth running a Repair on the Rhino installation and reinstalling those Serial to USB drivers, maybe check for an update to those as well.