Using Microscribe to 3D digitize with Rhino 7 for Mac

Hi, Can anyone help me figure out how to get the microscribe connected to my rhino for mac? I need to digitize some medical information from cadavers for a research project. Is it possible to connect the microscribe to the mac software? I have found the 3D digitizing tool bar but no way to connect the micro scribe. Thanks in advance!

Hi Elizabeth,
I don’t have mac (windows user here) but I use a microscribe digitizer.
First of all I would check in the plugin manager that microscribe.rhp is installed (don’t know if the microscribe plugin works on mac)

If the plugin is there, connect the digitizer to your mac and turn it on.
After that, clicking on the first icon in the 3-D Digitizing toolbar will load the microscribe plug-in
You should see a message that ask you that you are using a microscribe and to confirm that default tip is istalled on the digitizer.
After that you will be prompted to insert the origin with digitizer and to select origin in Rhino.
If you see errors, please explain what happens (a capture screen would be useful).

Thank you so much, the plug in is not there …. How would I find it/get it? Or does this mean it is not supported?

If the plug-in isn’t installed, I guess McNeel didn’t port it to the Mac…
The quickest fix imho is to find a windows pc and use it for the scan job (or use bootcamp to install windows in addition to Mac OS).

Thank you - am hunting down a PC to borrow!