Faro G08 Compatibility

Hi all - I’m looking at purchasing a second-hand Faro Arm G08 Rev 4.6 (about a decade old). This is a pretty common part, has anybody had any experience using Rhino with it? Unfortunately it does not come with software, though if it needs some old driver I could perhaps persuade the seller to send a copy of it along. I’m just not sure what the end-to-end software requirements are in this case.


I have a 20 year old microscribe that works directly in Rhino5 by connecting through a 3rd party usb-com port dongle. It should work in V6 as well, but I have not tried that. No drivers are installed.

Great! That sounds promising. I’ll try a solution like that and post to the board whether it worked.

I’ve been using a serial Microscribe 3DX via the MUS utility in a different CAD package. I recently purchased a serial Faro Arm S08. I’m hoping to get it working with Rhino 6 (evaluation) prior to purchasing. Have you been able to get your Faro Arm up and running yet?


No, sorry - its because we’ve been too busy to deal with it, not because it doesn’t work. I’ll let you know when we make progress.

Thanks for the update, I look forward to hearing your progress. I’m hoping to get it working with an evaluation copy of Rhino before my trial expires. Not there yet, but I’ve gotten the OEM Caliper 3D software working with Win 764 for simple measurements and probe calibration.


I’m not able to get the serial FaroArm to work within Rhino. I believe there is a problem with the Rhino Plug-in for the serial FaroArm. You can read the details here: Faro arm connect

I am working with the Plug-in developer to hopefully get the FaroArm communication issues resolved.

Works with Rhino 5 32bit just fine!