Microscribe 3DX - connection impossible!

Connection impossible
I have a Microscribe 3DX digitization arm that I am trying to connect to my Windows 10 computer. I have tried serial-usb adapter, different serial PCI express cards, different serial cables but nothing succeeded. I have the green light on the device, but that’s all.

Is there any way to test that you really communicate with the device or test that the cables really work? My last option is to start troubleshooting the arm itself, but it feels a bit hopeless.

One thing I also wonder is if there must be something connected to the accessory port for the arm to be able to communicate?

Go Measure is a Rhino reseller and Microscribe dealer.
If anyone knows, it’s them.


Several years ago I used an EasySync cable with a serial Microscribe with good results, but that was in Win7 (or maybe 8?).

Have not tried it in Windows10.

Is it a red, blue or grey Microscribe arm? Have you installed the MUS 7.0 utility?

Hi! It’s a red one (3DX). I have tried both Rhino6 and MUS 7.0 with all my cable combinations but without luck. I think all the adapters do work like they should. I’m starting to suspect my serial cable. I trying to order a new one but can’t find anyone that sells them :frowning:

Does MUS communicate with it, as a stand alone? If not, then as you say I’d suspect the cable, or the arm itself. I don’t think the cable is anything special, but I use USB with my (blue) arm so can’t say for certain:

Yes, I tried to order from GoMeasure3D. When I first placed the order, they wanted $50 to send a $22 cable. Okay, quite a lot of money for that but what to do! Then I got a message that it “is no longer in stock” and they paid back my money. Shortly afterwards, they increased shipping to $90.

It seems clear that they do not want to send to Sweden. Had I lived in the US, it would have cost $ 16 in shipping.

And no, no sign of life using the MUS tool. It had to be the cable or the arm itself.

It has all the appearances of being a standard RS232 to PS2 cable. Lots of those on eBay for considerably less money

Yes, I ordered one from eBay but it did not work so I built my own from the wiring diagram in the manual (did not work either). I thought that if I order an “original cable” from the manufacturer, it can not be the cable but the arm itself.
I have to try to find a way to get the cable from GoMeasure3D without having to pay for the extreme shipping.

I found the error! It was a stick in the serial port on the arm that was loose. I changed the gate and now it works. Finally!