Separating outer-most branches of tree

Given a tree with two main branches and 75 proceeding branches in each one after…

{0;0}, {0;1}, {0;n}… {0;75}, {1;0}, … {1;75}

How can I break these into two separate tree sets, so that I have one node with the {0;n}, with branches 1 through 75, and another node with the {1;n} with branches 1 through 75 ?

Is this what you mean? (9.9 KB)

That is exactly it! I’ve never seen that kind of notation approach before; do you have a resource for the background and/or relating info?

Further - This works really well in situations with 2 branches on the first level of the tree, but what happens for 3+ branches?

Earlier I had tried trimming the end level of the data tree, then exploding the tree, and this was a servicable means to an end, but it would be nice to do the same thing while keeping the data structure.

I’m still getting my head around tree management myself, so don’t take everything I say for granted:
as far as I understand, tree split is gives you all paths that resemble the “mask” you give (the asterisk goes for “any number” so: {0;*} is equivalent to all paths that fit this form. ( P) and all the paths that don’t fit go to (N).

The most useful tool usually though is pathmapper. here is an example of how you can manipulate paths. (14.7 KB)

Check this as well…
You can use multiple splitting masks for Split Tree. (17.2 KB)


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There may be other ways for this matter.

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