How to divide branches by pairs..?

Hi! I have this tree, and I would want to divide it in pairs (kind of a dispatch?) in a way that I can get the 0 and the 2 in one tree and two branches, and the 1 and 3 in another tree and two branches…any way I can do it?

divide branches by (26.2 KB)

What you describe is what dispatch does, make the pattern as true, false.

You have 4 branches how do you want get 2 branches?

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And each branch has a different size…

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Maybe there is a way, keep the first branch and shift the others by 2 than use flip matrix
I don’t know if this work but as @Michael_Pryor said all branches have diffetent lengths

Thank you! I solved it by using split tree:

However, I am now trying to find the first item of every branch in this list, but can’t seem to get to it with tree branch. The list woud imply to get the first “floor” of every branch: (0;0), (1;0), (2;0) etc. How can I do it? I think that the path is written the wrong way, however, I am not sure of how to do it correctly.

What the error message is saying?
Probably you’ve used a wrong input.( wrong data tree path input for Tree Branch and Tree Item)
As you can see, you only have 2 level depth data tree…

It says “1. Data conversion failed from Text to Path”. If I have a two degree, how do I select the item or index 0 of every branch?

divide branches by (16.8 KB)

Amazing!!! Thank you for your time!!! But I have another question, how do you get 1 polyline for each branch instead of two?

Where should “{*}[0,2,…]” change if there were less branches?, say If I had 4?