Accessing indices of data branches


I have some basic questions about accessing indices of data items. I know param viewer allows you to extract the branch number inside {}, but how do I convert that number to an integer?

In the attached image you see three data branches {1} {4} {7} with integers [50] [50] [50]. The integers will rarely be the same and singular. For this particular case, the goal is to create the following splitting masks…


…but really the definition needs to be able to be robust enough to create masks like:

{1} [50, 157]
{4} [50, 157]
{7} [50, 220]
{10} [50, 180]
{13} [50, 220]

from branch numbers {1} {7} {10} {13} and integers within each branch [50,157] [50,157] [50,220] [50,180] [50,220].

I’m looking at this post and I saw HS_Kim used expression editor to build the splitting mask. I feel like this is the method I should explore more, but I have yet to find a forum post that explains the ins/outs of expression editor like David’s “Data Selection Rules” so I’m fumbling in the dark as to what {} and mean inside the expression editor and how to call items within data branches and lists.

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