Selection through an object with Ghosted custom display mode

In the attached, the viewport is in Shaded display mode, but there is a solid box that is in Ghosted custom display mode. Try to mouse pick select the curves visible through but behind the box… Here I can’t.

So it seems like it is using the viewport shaded mode (therefore the curves are invisible and can’t be picked), even though you can actually “see” the curves.

Also interesting to note is that if you set the object display mode to Wireframe, even though the viewport remains in Shaded mode, you CAN mouse pick the curves.

Just wondering if this might be able to be tuned up is all…


SelProblem.3dm (80.9 KB)


I also figured out that problem for some days, too. I have to switch to wireframe that selection is possible. Strange and not clear for me why, but that’s the fact. Perhaps a “feature” :wink:

Bye, MillingGuy

Hi Mitch- thanks, I’ll see if we can make this work better.